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Games Run Faster On Chrome

It can be frustrating when a game that you really want to play isn’t running how it usually does. If your flash games are lagging or not starting up at all even if they had no problem doing it a few days ago, there is most likely an easy way to fix it. Here is how to make Flash games run faster on Chrome.

One of the first things you can do is to clean your computer. If your game is running slow, it might have nothing to do with the game at all and might actually be your computer causing it to slow down. There might be apps running in the background or things that are taking up space and need to be deleted to speed up your computer. Clean your computer and see if that speeds things up, if not feel free to continue down to method two.

Make sure that your flash player is updated. If your flash player is out of date it can cause flash games and videos to run slow on your computer. Go to your settings and see if there is an update available for the flash player and if there isn’t one, go to the official flash player website and download a new flash player completely and uninstall the one you have. This should fix your problem.

But if both of those tricks don’t work, try updating your browser. The problem might be that your browser is out of date so check and make sure that Chrome doesn’t need to be updated. Go back to your settings and look for a browser update, if there is not one available uninstall Chrome and install it again. But make sure you save all of your bookmarks and passwords before so you don’t lose them.