Download Flash Games

Download And Run Flash Games Without A Web Browser

It’s no doubt that flash games are the most popular games on the desktop gaming format. You can find virtually any type of game that you are looking for and it rarely costs you a dime to play them. With flash gaming you get to play any game you want because most flash games that you find can run on your computer and internet browser. You don’t need anything fancy to run a flash game and that’s what makes them special. But what about offline gaming? Is it possible to bring your flash online games with you even when you don’t have the internet to accompany them? Yes, it is absolutely possible. Here is how to do that.

First you have to find the game you want to download. The game can come from a site where the intention is to download different flash online games or you can search for the SWF file inside of a normal flash game site and download games that way. Either method that you choose, you still have to find a game so find the game that you want to play and continue on to the next step.

Once you have the game that you want you can download it onto your computer, if you are doing it from a game downloading site then you don’t need any help to do so, but if you went with the SWF file searching method here is a quick guide on how to find your game. First you have to open up the game you want and once the page is loaded right click the screen and open up page resources. Search for SWF or just click on the game screen. When you find the URL to the game open it in a new tab. This will automatically start a download of the game.

Now for how to play the game without an internet browser. All that you need is a flash player installed on your computer. You can get one from the same source that your browser flash player extension came from. The difference between the extension and the actual flash player is the flash player will make it so you can play flash games without the internet browser. While the extension only helps you play games on the internet.