Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl is an interactive PC game that takes you through many different paths of conquer. Start with the first version and test your skills as you complete all 5 templates of this mini-series. This web-streamed game is available on most PC types, requiring no downloads and no pesky advertisements.

This series is played out by placing both characters within different atmospheres. Each location requires some whit and some testament in order to successfully complete an escape. Each level requires many different jumps and maneuvers to avoid pitfalls and falling at the hands of the preventative obstacles set on each level.

Each level plays for about 5-10 minutes at Fireboy and Watergirl in consecutive order. All of the levels gift the player multiple attempts or lives in order to complete. Certain levels will feature checkpoints that will save the distance you have traveled up to that point. Collect many different power-ups and tokens along the way. Many of these collections can be used to give your character extra lives, additional power boosts, or unlock hidden talents for usage.

The great differentiated intrigue to this game is simultaneous controls. Both the girl and the boy can be controlled by the player at once, creating a dual likelihood of conquer as you battle through obstacles and levels. The controls are located on the keyboard and the focus does not have to be split between both characters. Simple movements will help activate both characters, keeping you moving at a side by side pace throughout the levels.

The Forest Temple is the starting region of play. This level is mirrored by the beats of the jungle that attempt to steal your strive for the crowned jewels. Get past these beats and obstacles to reach level 2. Level 2 is set in the Light Temple. This arena is filled with many different surprises, some friendly, and some not. Conquering this arena with bring your characters to the Ice Temple. This arena holds many different secret passage ways and can help you accumulate enough crown jewels to reach conquer onto level 4. Level 4 is where we see the jewel structure reach full force.

The Crystal Temple is where you’ll uncover some of the most precious diamonds. Be careful, these diamonds must be delivered to the light at the end of the tunnel in proper form. The last level is a re-visit to the Forest Temple. This time, the stakes are raised as multiple forces will be teaming up to stop you from reaching your desired destination. This level becomes a little hairy with all of the included obstacles and additional threats to your journey.

The final level also features many new power-ups and bonus opportunities that were added to spice up your final journey. Escape all of these levels to be crowned champion. This game is fun for all ages and is tame enough to allow playthrough for the younger age groups. Both characters feature a likeable personality and it is easy to invest in the storyline and follow it to the very end.